Opened in 2018 DCM Clinics has been providing first class Osteopathic treatment and Specialist Sports Rehabilitation to the community.

DCM clinics is a one of its kind health centre boasting a full rehabilitation centre and a unique inter referral system to help get to the root of your problem.

Now located in Kings Hill Kent previously located in Chelsea London, DCM Clinics are renowned for specialist treatment for Lower Back Pain, Shoulder Pain and Sports injuries but are not limited to these areas.

DCM Clinics has quickly built a powerful reputation by treating elite level athletes, weekend warriors and the local community. Our services range from Osteopathy to Shockwave Therapy, Acupuncture, Muscle Stimulation, Force Frame Muscle Testing, Altitude Training and Ultrasound Imaging.

An initial appointment with one of our Osteopathic consultants will include a full musculoskeletal assessment, individualised treatment and a discussion of the treatment plan required to help you achieve your specific goals.

You will leave the appointment with a unique individualised management plan, which will explain the treatment you require.

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