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Are you ready to join the Elite?


If you’ve got the talent, focus and determination to succeed and are already competing at a high level in your chosen sport, we’ve got the Elite Athlete Programme – a programme designed by professional athletes for the professional athletes of the future.

Here at DCM Clinics we offer Elite Athlete Programming, using the latest technology we are able to test our athletes to understand how they are working and to understand how to elicit that 1% that every athlete is looking for.

With the program our athlete will undertake a 60 minute physical examination where we test functional movement patterns to understand how the athlete is moving. We use muscle strength testing in isolation using our dynamometer to understand physical limitations and in dynamic movement with our force plate technology understanding how the body is moving as a unit. We can then collect the data and provide a tailor made plan for the athlete.

Our tailor made plan will consist of a 4 week training or rehabilitation program for the athlete to follow so they will be able to access their full potential.