Danny is an extremely professional and knowledgable practitioner who always makes you feel at ease during sessions. He is skilled in a large range of methods and was always able to suggest the best treatment plans specifically for my needs. As a very active person with lots of aches and pains and various injuries over the years, Danny has always got me back on my feet and back to my best. I would highly recommend him. 


 I would highly recommend Danny Mace for many reasons. Not only does he have an extensive knowledge of what he is doing, both practically and theoretically, his dedication to getting the right results are extremely impressive. His osteopathic intervention helped treat upper back pain issues and with regular treatment and assistance I have since had an excellent recovery. 


 I've been to see Dan a few times with different aches and pains which he has always been able to help rectify. He has given me plans to improve strength in a particularly weak muscle which has caused others issues. He has always been very professional and very friendly and someone i would definitely recommend if you want physio/osteopathy treatment.