Altitude Training

Altitude training is ideal preparation for maximising your personal performance. We can increase your endurance, speed and improve your recovery. We can also assist in rehabilitation following injury.

Altitude training is no longer just a tool for elite athletes. Research has shown that it can be used to improve the performance for athletes of all abilities, across a wide range of sports.

Hypoxic exercise sessions are the quickest way to improve fitness. Most research suggest 3 sessions per week.

Our HIIT or Cardio sessions at altitude enable you to train for shorter durations, bringing about greater performance gains than training at sea level.

Oxygen is the limiting factor in sports performance. When insufficient oxygen is delivered to the muscles fatigue sets in. Hypoxic Training improves oxygen delivery and utilisation at all levels without overloading your system. The result being you’ll feel less fatigued and will recover quicker, which means you can increase your training intensity and move up a gear.

Hypoxic workouts train your system to increase the carrying capacity of oxygen within your body. Exercise at altitude can increase the benefits further, for those unable to complete high-intensity exercise sessions due to injury, or other health issues such as joint problems, completing low-intensity, steady-state sessions at altitude can be a great way of taking your training to the next level.