Osteopathy is a complimentary treatment aimed at relieving pain connected with musculoskeletal disorders and promoting general health.  

One of the key principles of osteopathy is that a person’s general wellbeing is related to the proper alignment of the bone, muscle and connective tissues of the body.  If part of your musculoskeletal system is impaired then it can lead to biomechanical issues and health problems beyond the original misalignment.  This may involve negative effects to your circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems. 

An osteopath will use a range of manual therapy techniques to correct any impairment, allowing the body to recover.  Osteopathy can help relieve pain and promote healing, reducing the need for medication and helping avoid surgical intervention. 

The osteopath takes a holistic approach to treatment looking at how your condition has affected your whole body, rather than just the specific site of injury.  This approach aims to not only correct the obvious problems, but to balance all the bodies systems to achieve better health and wellbeing.  

Osteopaths typically treat a wide range of conditions including sports injuries, postural correction, arthritis, shoulder and neck pain.  An osteopathy can also help relieve headaches, depression and digestive disorders. 

The body is a single complex integrated structure and when a part of its function is impaired then the surrounding structures must adapt to compensate.  Over time this leads the surrounding structures to develop their own conditions of pain, stiffness or inflammation.  Osteopathy addresses this imbalance by relieving pain and stiffness, managing inflammation and mobilising muscles and joints.  The relief from symptoms and correction of the original impairment allows the body to heal itself. 

Osteopaths work with you to provide advice on injury prevention, postural correction, exercise, stretches and stress reduction; giving you the awareness and self-management techniques, so that you continue to progress and maintain good health.